Country Manager for Serbia at Euronet Worldwide

Vladan Živanović spent his entire career in information technology, in various positions, from those who were more technical, close to his engineering education background in the first years, through the head of certain technical sectors, then the director of sales and marketing teams and in the last 15 years as managing director of leading ICT companies.

Vladan has an impressive track record of increasing responsibility through his career and a proven ability to develop people, expand into new markets, build strong organizations and deliver on commitments.

During his career, he spend more than 8 years in Microsoft, where he served on different positions, including a role of general manager of their office in Belgrade. After that, Vladan served as chief sales officer and board member of SAGA group Belgrade. In this role he managed large groups, developed strong teams, delivered on profitability and growth targets, and established strategic plans for the business. He took over the operations of NCR in Serbia as General Manager in August 2014. Since his arrival in the company, the NCR has grown in Serbia from 600 employees to 2,700 employees at the end of 2017 and has become the second largest site in this global company that employs over 30,000 people worldwide. In July 2017, Vladan moved to another position in NCR and become Regional Director for Business Development, in order to rebuild and increase NCR presence in region of South East Europe.

At the end of January this year, Vladan join Euronet Worldwide family and become a country manager located in Serbia, but being also responcible for markets in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYROM and Albania.

During his career, representing these companies, he was active member and also a Board member at Serbian Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce as well as Serbian Association of Managers. In 2015 he received prestigous reward Manager of the year from Serbian association of Managers.  

He devoted his entire career to building efficient and trusted teams, respecting and investing in talents, as well as establishing sustainability criteria and constant learning and development. He is a great advocate of teamwork and strategic thinking, but also a passionate advocate of a talented individual and continuous innovation. Believes in human and family values, friendship and the power of positive thinking. He prefer sincere and transparent communication and advocates a competitive spirit because he was an active athlete when he was younger and knows how much he learn from that.

As he says, he was lucky to learn from the best and to work in large teams that helped him to build his skills and personality. His strongest support is his wife, Gordana and his son, Djordje.