Owner, ECD

Aleksandar has been involved in virtual currencies since 2007 when he co-founded a local e-gold exchange. In 2011, he first learns about bitcoin and in 2012 his focus shifts completely to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. That same year, he co-founds a local bitcoin exchange www.ecd.rs. His company also operates a network of cryptocurrency ATMs, has developed a cryptocurrency payment application for merchants and has initiated the founding of Serbian Bitcoin Association.

In 2014, Aleksandar enrolls in world’s first MSc in Digital Currencies at University of Nicosia. Two years later, he becomes one of the first graduates of that course.

Aleksandar is a regular speaker at events that cover blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. His aim is to spread awareness and promote safe and responsible use of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. He strongly believes that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will change the world and tries to be an active part of that revolution.